Come face to face with crown jewels, royal crowns  and other treasures at this fairy-tale castle, built by Christian IV more than 400 years ago.

Christian IV's crown at the Rosenborg Castle.

A royal run-down of Danish history

At Rosenborg Castle you can explore Danish history seen from a royal perspective.

Set in the beautiful King’s Garden, this Renaissance-style castle is an historic building with a fairy-tale feel, built by Christian IV more than 400 years ago. It became the king’s favourite castle and formed the setting for his everyday life and special events alike.

Today, Rosenborg Castle is a very special museum of cultural history. Here, history is presented in ways that amaze, move and fascinate. Right in the heart of the Danish capital.

The Christian IV’s Winter Room with paintings and a bust

Christian IV’s Crown in the Treasury section at the Rosenborg Castle.

Exhibitions at Rosenborg Castle

At Rosenborg you will see the abundant splendours of the past reflected in the many halls and find some of Denmark’s greatest treasures on display.

Explore the Long Hall with the narwhal throne guarded by three lions made of silver, have a look at the extravagant Flora Danica porcelain, or view the magnificent crown jewels up close. These are just a few of the sumptuous treats that await you at the castle in the King's Garden.

In addition to the collections and displays, Rosenborg also offers guided tours and activities for children.

The castle shop

A souvenir, a gift or something new for your bookshelf? The museum shop at Rosenborg Castle has lots of enticing goods on display. Here you will find books, jewellery, postcards, notepads, sweets and Christmas decorations. And of course classic souvenirs like keychains and magnets.

When visiting Rosenborg Castle on a Parkmuseerne ticket, you can enjoy a 10% discount in the museum shop on the day of your visit.

The museum shop at the Rosenborg Castle.


Addres: Øster Voldgade 4A.

Opening hours:
Tuesday - Sunday 11.00 - 16.00.

Monday: closed.

Free admission with your Parkmuseerne-ticket.
Adults: DKK 125.
Children younger than 18 years: Free admission.

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