Royal history, proud working-class traditions, fascinating natural history and world-class art. Experience it all at half price at six distinctive museums located in three beautiful parks in the heart of Copenhagen. Scroll down this page and find out where you can buy the ticket.

A Parkmuseerne Ticket Includes:

  • A visit to each of the six park museums

  • 10% discount in the museum shop on the day of your visit

  • A one year valid ticket

Buy the ticket at the individual museums, online in the webshop of the Hirschsprung Collection, or at the tourist information Copenhagen Visitor Center on Vesterbrogade 4B right in the heart of Copenhagen just opposite the Tivoli Gardens.

Price: 295 DKK (39 EUR) = 50% discount on one visit to each of the museums:

Has the validity of Parkmuseerne tickets been extended as a result of the Covid-19 lockdowns?

Yes. Parkmuseerne has extended the validity of tickets with a time span corresponding to the months of the lockdowns. Since March 2020, the participating museums have been closed twice due to the authorities’ Covid-19 restrictions. This includes the periods from 13.3. to 28.5. 2020 and again from 13.12. 2020 to 21.4. 2021. Accordingly, the validity of tickets first used in the period 28.5. to 13.12. 2020 is extended by five months, corresponding to the relevant lockdown period. Tickets used in the period 1.9.2019 to 13.3. 2020 have been affected by both lockdowns. Their validity is therefore extended by eight months.

Where do I buy a ticket?

You can buy a Parkmuseerne ticket at any of the six participating museums and at the tourist information Copenhagen Visitor Service on Vesterbrogade 4B which is located just opposite the Tivoli Gardens. An electronic ticket is currently under development.

What do I get when I buy a Parkmuseerne ticket?

Your ticket gives you access to one visit at each of the six Parkmuseerne museums and in the Palm House in the Botanical Garden as well.

For how long is my ticket valid?

Your ticket is valid for a year from the day on which you first visit one of the museums.

How does the ticket work?

The ticket is a multiple-use ticket which you present at the ticket sales at the museum you wish to visit. They will punch your Parkmuseerne ticket and then give you a separate ticket to the museum. You can visit each of the six museums as well as the Palm House in the Botanical Garden once during the year in which the ticket is valid.

How can I give a ticket as a gift?

You can buy gift tickets at each of the museums. The gift ticket is valid for one year from the day on which the recipient first visits one of the museums with their ticket. The gift ticket is delivered in a gift ticket holder in an envelope.

Is there a children’s Parkmuseerne ticket?

No – because five out of the six museums offer free admission to all visitors under the age of 18. Only the Natural History Museum of Denmark has a children's admission fee, which is currently 50 DKK.