With a Parkmuseerrne ticket, you can visit the six museums located around the King's Garden in central Copenhagen for only 295 DKK. The ticket is valid for one year and entitles you to one visit at each museum. You can purchase the ticket at the individual museums or buy it online (please go to "Purchase" above). The ticket is also available as a gift ticket in a nice cover.


Parkmuseerne is Copenhagen’s green museum district. Here, unique experiences await you at six prominent museums located in three historic gardens and parks.

Six Remarkable Museums

At the six museums that make up Parkmuseerne, you will find crown jewels, meteorites, and rare plants, plenty of world-class art, interiors created by proud workers and displays of royal wealth.

Three Green Oases

The King’s Garden, the Botanical Garden and the Østre Anlæg park: the six museums are located in and around three beautiful and historic gardens and parks in the heart of Copenhagen.

Enjoy a Break at the Museum Cafés

As you explore Copenhagen’s green museum district, you can enjoy a coffee break or a meal at several of the museums.

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